WoodSongs! 4.2.16 (Completed)


Saturday, April 2 • Shawnee

WoodSongs! is a unique collaboration where local and natural history come to life through song here in the Appalachian Foothills.  Join Columbus area singer-songwriter Jesse Henry for two events this Spring where the beauty of our natural and built landscapes will transform into song.WoodSongs Forest Scene
A free workshop on Saturday afternoon, April 2 (1-5pm) will take participants on an walking tour through historic Shawnee, Ohio, the premier Little City of Black Diamonds, and into the Wayne National Forest which surrounds the town.  This guided experience will feature picturesque Tecumseh Lake and a hike on the Buckeye Trail led by a forest ranger and trail experts who will share the natural history, flora and fauna of the area.   After the 1-1/2 mile hike the group will kick back at the scenic lake to enjoy a short music concert put on by Henry,  who is known for his lead singer role in the Columbus area band known as the Spike Drivers.  Following the concert Jesse will lead the group in a collective songwriting session.   He will help foster lyrics and creativity with the group to complete a song about the shared experiences and inspiration of the day through the words of participants.  The day will be documented through video, photographs, and an audio recording, shared online and sharable with your friends.
Jesse will return to the Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee on Saturday evening, June 11th with equally inspired musician friends for a concert at the Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee.  Advanced tickets are recommended.


Website: http://www.tecumsehtheater.org
Location: Begin & end at Tecumseh Commons; 116 West Main St., Shawnee, OH 43782
Dates: WoodSongs! Hike, Saturday April 2,  1-5PM;
WoodSongs! Concert, Saturday, June 11, 8-11PM.
Cost:  April 2 Hike (Free); June 11 Concert (tickets available  on-line at http://www.tecumsehtheater.org)
Note: Bring drinking water, hiking shoes & cameras.  Expect rough terrain.
Registration:  Advanced registration recommended at above website.

Cover Photo of Jesse Henry by Steve Mack-all rights reserved.

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