Wanted: Chesterhill Trail Town Contract Coordinator


Trail Town and Destination Community Networks is an effort initiated by Ohio’s Winding Road Network serving nine southeastern Ohio counties around their authentic experience economy. The Morgan County community of Chesterhill is seeking a part-time contract Trail Town Coordinator (20 hours/month @ $20/hr.). A group has been meeting in recent months to build a description for the position. Over the course of the next year the group will develop a logo, joint marketing, and a collaborative plan the “experience economy” around the town’s role as host for drivers on the Triple Nickel Highway Trail and hikers on the Buckeye Trail.

The Network will bring key organizations, leaders and businesses in town together to coordinate efforts, and do together what they can’t do alone. Marketing, event planning, and a common logo/brand are among the accomplishments anticipated with the coordinator facilitating volunteers and professional contractors provided via a grant from USDA Rural Development to build a group that seeks to be a sustainable effort that builds a collaborative spirit in the community as its roles change in our experience economy here in southeastern Ohio.

Deadline for Applications has been extended to Friday, May 19.

Trail Town Coordinator Position Description

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