Winding Road MarketPlace

Winding Road MarketPlace!

20160907_104514Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area opened the Winding Road Marketplace in October 2016 in Shawnee. The space, a beautifully preserved Victorian-era building and the former location of Community Exchange Gift Shop, now serves as a meeting place for those involved and interested in the efforts of the Winding Road. The front space in the shop is dedicated to exhibiting and selling products created by local artists, makers and vendors in Southeastern Ohio.53de6432-d844-4ac2-8efb-417ae16ede0e.jpg

The Winding Road Marketplace, located at 117 W. Main St., Shawnee, OH 43782 showcases the interesting products and stories that make this region unique. Historical books and pamphlets, handmade jewelry, up-cycled goods, local food products, and a large variety of artistic pieces are just some of the regional products available in the Marketplace.5D60BF99-147B-4997-BD9D-A0DF5650DA83

Interested vendors, artists, or makers are encouraged to contact Selina Nadeau at or call 740-394-2892 to set up a time to drop off items and/or discuss consignment procedures. The Winding Road Marketplace is intended to provide a place for local makers to sell their goods as well as a gathering place for Winding Road stakeholders. Visitors to the marketplace can learn about the efforts of locals involved with the Winding Road, as well as the experiences and products promoted as part of the brand, which seeks to create a sustainable tourism economy around the regions’ cultural, natural and historical assets.20160907_104454

Learn how you can be part of the Winding Road’s effort to create a Rising Appalachia! Email us at









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