2020 Seed Grants

Journey With Horses: Vickie Ball-Seiter leads coaching sessions on her farm.

Ohio’s Winding Road (OWR) had the good fortune to review and award 28 “seed grants” for 2020. The 2020 grants range in amounts from $100 to $750. The applications included interpretive programs and sites, guided tours, exhibits, purchasable art or souvenirs, dining, shopping, festivals, events, and classes, which are all locally sourced and focused on the OWR region. Applications were reviewed and scored by a committee of seven OWR partners, and scoring was based on:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Sustainability
  3. Improvement of a product
  4. Clear budget
  5. Development of a new experience
  6. Creation of an interpretive program, guide or tour
  7. Support growth of an existing product

2020 Seed Grant Winners

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the current situation related to Covid-19, many of the businesses and activities awarded seed funds are either closed, postponed, or cancelled. With that in mind, the OWR Operations Team has decided that funds awarded will be available to awardees at least until the end of this calendar year. Each of these entities has, in the eyes of the review committee, met or exceeded the grant requirements.