OWR Snapshot: Monroe Outlook

In an ongoing series, we are traveling throughout the OWR region on short day-trips to find and share its natural beauty. Today’s post comes from Audrey Tompkins:

The Monroe Outlook is a unique wildlife observation destination located in Wayne National Forest just off of State Route 13 towards Corning. The trailhead is slightly down the road to the left from the designated parking lot and is marked with a small sign. The short path leading up to the lookout hosts several markers that give insight on the wildlife that can be spotted while at Monroe Overlook. Once you get to the end of the path there is a 360 degree view looking down at the surrounding forest. This is a great location for bird watching as well as observing Ohio’s native trees and wildflowers. I have only visited Monroe Outlook during the summer, but I have heard that the view during autumn is particularly breathtaking.