About Ohio's Winding Road


As the Ohio landscape changes from Midwest farmlands to Appalachian foothills, so do the opportunities for exploration and learning. Ohio’s Winding Road is a compilation of active, authentic experiences and products in Ohio’s Rising Appalachia that are anything but typical. With an emphasis on local guiding and “small scale”, the cultural story is accented by emerging arts, local foods, and outdoor recreation. Unique exploration of off-the-beaten path destinations await you along Ohio’s Winding Road.


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Ohio’s Winding Road is made possible by a collaboration of creative organizations, businesses, and individuals facilitated by Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area’s Gateway to Public Lands initiative and the assistance of Circle Forward Partners. In its first year, the collaboration focuses on destinations in the southeastern Ohio’s Morgan, Athens, Perry, Hocking, and Muskingum Counties, situated in the Hocking and Muskingum River Valleys. Anchored by the Wayne National Forest, Burr Oak State Park, the Little Cities of Black Diamonds, beloved college-town Athens, and historic communities such as McConnelsville, Somerset and Zanesville, the region is within a half-day or less drive from urban centers Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. A collection of authentic tours and experiences was compiled in 2016 into an Experiences Sourcebook that stood as a testament to all this region has to offer. In 2017, the initiative gained new momentum, as well as the committed support of invaluable community organizations such as the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) and Rural Action, and educational institutions, including Ohio University and Hocking College. The commitment of those and many other stakeholders has started the Winding Road on a strong path toward creating a network of supportive producers dedicated to telling our authentic story through art, food, music, outdoor recreation, environmental learning and guiding.

Watch Ohio’s Winding Road grow over the coming years as this region of Ohio leads a local-driven, sustainable approach to recovery from a sometimes challenging past into a vibrant future where “pride of place” and “stewardship” are strong values. From ‘A’ to ‘Z’ (Athens to Zanesville), and the spirited lands in between, let us guide you through our fresh and inspiring story of creative communities working together to enliven the place where we live!

Visit us at Ohio’s Winding Road Market Place/Ohio Hill Country Headquarters at 117 West Main Street in Shawnee, Ohio 43782.  We have unique art, jewelry, home goods, books, and food, sourced locally from the region.  Open Wednesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM.  Call 740-394-2852 or e-mail us at ohioswindingroad@gmail.com.

Expand your horizons in Ohio’s Rising Appalachia!

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Ohio’s Winding Road is manage by an incredible team of individuals, including members of AmeriCorps through Rural Action, Ohio Stream Restore Corps.

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