2016 Fall Event – Labor’s Crossroads Tour


2016 Fall Date To Be Announced

In 1869, an Intersection of destinies in the historic coalfields of SE Ohio transformed the face of organized labor and the lives of working men and women to this very day.

Travel the path of early labor pioneers from canal and railroad eras. Follow the story of immigrant laborers ready for change who settled the coal camps and fought for power over their own lives. The story leads from the early leaders in the towns of New Straitsville,Shawnee, Corning and Rendville with the idealism and legacy of the Knights of Labor to the diversity of leadership and progress leading to the United Mine Workers of America.

• The need for the Unions during the Gilded Age

• The Accomplishments of the Unions and the impact on the lives of working people

• The Struggle for Change and Power Then and Now

Tour Specifics: Tour participants may leave their cars in the Old Dutch Parking Lot. Transportation, snacks, lunch and dinner will be provided as part of the tour.

Several historic sites are outdoors. Participants will need to physically able to walk up at least one hill and across some rough ground. Hats and comfortable clothing are suggested.

Cost: $95

Tour Guide(s)/Program Leader: Historian Cheryl Blosser, Certified NAI Guide, and Jeff Wunderly, Certified Interpretive Guide and Americorps member. Living History Actor – Ken Bowald.

Additional tour details and registration: http://www.littlecitiesofblackdiamonds.org

Contact: Little Cities of Black Diamonds, 740-394-3011, 127 West Main St. PO Box 128, Shawnee, Ohio 43782 or e-mail cblosser01@gmail.com or lcbdohio@gmail.com.

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