Washboard Music Festival – Logan, OH 6.16-6.18 (Completed)


Every year, on Father’s Day weekend, the downtown streets of Logan, Ohio come alive with the celebration of the washboard, as a musical instrument.  Logan is the home of the Columbus Washboard Company, the only remaining washboard manufacturing company in the U.S.

Washboards continue to be used as instruments of laundry-day in some parts of the world, and they add decorative value to many homes.  But,  this artifact of the ages is more known as the source of that toe-tappin’ rhythm coming from Jug bands and Dixieland groups throughout the country. 

It all began in rural America around mid-1800’s, where music was a center- piece of family entertainment, but money was scarce.  So, the washboard, an empty jug, along with a stick and string attached to metal tub turned upside down, became the backwoods answer to Saturday Night at Carnegie Hall.

Modified to form a “vest” that hangs from the shoulders, that same raspy sound of energy also became the source of rhythm for Cajun music throughout the Bayou.

Welcome to Logan, heart of the beautiful Hocking Hills and enjoy Ohio’s Most Unique Music Festival!

For more info, check out their website!

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