Crossing the River in Ohio’s Rising Appalachia – A Photo Journey


‘Crossing the River’ in Ohio’s Rising Appalachia – A memorable tour and a fascinating experience through a distinct piece of Appalachia Ohio’s history. Perhaps, at times these stories go untold – however, they will never be forgotten and will always remain…

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to document and travel along this authentic experience – ‘Crossing the River: African Americans in Southeastern Ohio’ – a 2 day interpretive, historical guided tour throughout the foothills of Ohio’s Rising Appalachia, telling the authentic and brave stories of African Americans who set milestones.

IMG_7437 (2)
‘The Group’ inside the Chesterfield Meeting House in Chesterhill, Ohio


” I learned a new word today – ‘slave’….I will never forget this word or what it means. I saw passion in their eyes and in their hearts when they told their stories – but I also saw strength. I will never forget the people I met today. Or their experiences that they shared.”                            

– Andres Gavilan, Patagonia, Chile – Tour Participant

IMG_7388 (2)

A visit to the Multicultural Genealogical Center in Chesterhill, Ohio

IMG_7406 (2)
‘Freedom Seekers’ Cave – Chesterhill, Ohio
IMG_7424 (2)
Listening to the history and stories of the ‘Freedom Seekers’ Cave
IMG_7439 (2)
Chesterfield Quakers Cemetery in Chesterhill, Ohio
IMG_7400 (2).JPG
An eclectic bunch inside the Multicultural Genealogical Center in Chesterhill 🙂
IMG_7452 (2)
Among the Spirits of the Chesterfield Meeting House & Cementary
IMG_7464 (2)
Tabler Town: A Multicultural Community
IMG_7468 (2)
Relatives and members of the United States Armed Forces pictured in the Tabler Town Multicultural Center
IMG_7483 (2)
The African American Alumni Heritage Wall at Ohio University
IMG_7494 (3)
Eclipse Company town
IMG_7496 (2)
African American Art Exhibit & Program Performance ‘The Escape of Jane-Patricia Thomas’at Eclipse Company Town
IMG_7501 (2)
‘The Exhibit’ at the Eclipse Company Store

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