Crane Hollow a Trip into the Unknown 9.17.16(Completed)


Imagine a world unlike our own, a world filled with amazing creatures not seen today, a beautiful untouched landscape with wonders as far as the eye can see. That world still exists in a few places, one being right in our own back yard with the Primeval Crane Hollow. Crane Hollow is a breathtaking environment seldom seen by anyone in the outside world. A preserved fragile place of amazing quality. This picturesque wilderness of over 1,940 acres is celebrating an achievement that many places can only dream of with its documentation of 10,000 species this year and you are invited to celebrate with it. Join us for a rare look at this perfect area by signing up for a hike with naturalist & Guide Homer Elliott. The Primeval Crane Hollow Hike will be on Saturday, September 17th with the Hocking College leisure learning class and will meet at Hocking College at 11:15 AM where a shuttle will be available for the first 15 to register, but carpooling can be available for a total of up to 20 participants. As you can see space is very limited so sign up fast to ensure you don’t miss out on this once in a life time experience. For full details and to register CLICK HERE!!!!!!!

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