An Evening with Theodore and Edith Roosevelt (completed) 10.22.16


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time and meet some of this country’s greatest men? Well now is your chance to meet one of them. The Southeast Ohio History Center will be holding “An Evening with Theodore and Edith Roosevelt” on Saturday Oct. 22nd at 6pm. Come and join in the talks from the time and get to interact with what is considered one of the best presidents this great country has ever had. A champion of small businesses, food and drug safety, better wages for coal miners, Roosevelt also advocated for the protection of natural resources and set aside more than 125 million acres of national forests for the American people. In addition to promoting conservation Roosevelt was also an outspoken critic of the wasting the heritage of unborn generations. The event is free for all and is a great time for discussion of issues that many are still relevant today. For more information please contact Eli at 740-593-7552 or visit

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