Valentine’s Dance!

Hello Friends! Come Join us for a night to remember.
Five reasons to click here and buy your ticket(s) now for a fantastic evening at the Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee on Tuesday, February 14th.  
1. The Word of Mouth Jazz Band is truly a regional treasure whose music should not be missed! You’ll feel your in a night club and Frank Sinatra is waiting in the wings….or perhaps New Orleans at Mardi Gras…or your parents or grandparents or great grandparents 1940’s Big Band “Dance”.
2. You can check off (√) having celebrated Valentines Day with one or more of the following:  youself, your love, your friends, a community of loving friends, or perhaps an intriguing stranger!
3. Dessert and one glass of wine or beer or moonshine is included with your ticket.
4. Its starts at 7pm and you can get home in time to go to work the next day.
5. You are supporting the operation and restoration of a valued historic landmark in our region, the Tecumseh Theater.

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