Horseback Safari at the Wilds, and More


Led by professional trained guides, this one hour tour consists of a relaxing horseback ride along beautiful hillsides in Muskingum County overlooking animal species that call the Wilds home, from antelope to zebra. The tour is designed to excite anyone with the love for wildlife and a bit of adventure. The Winding Road also appreciates this tour and others at The Wilds because they travel over reclaimed land once used for strip mining, which allows participants to think about how the region can be revitalized and used in new ways!

Throughout Muskingum County, there are many experiences where participants can see for them- selves the history and successes of the region. For example, the “Made in Ohio” tour features local products, from pottery to potato chips. And the “Friends of Freedom” tour highlights the men and women who played a significant role in the anti-slavery movement. For more information, contact the Muskingum Convention and Visitors Bureau ( Also available at The Wilds are summer Wildcamps for children 8-18 and programs during the year for home schoolers.

Cost: $30/per person
Location: 14000 International Rd. Cumberland, OH 43732

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