Sunday Afternoon: Perry County Farm Tours

Carrie & Jarrod Starr


Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch (1:00 PM) has over thirty bison on their fifty acre farm. Visitors will be able to see our national mammal close up, hear the history of the farm and bison in the area, as well as facts about bison. The ranch has many artifacts to display. Visitors will be treated to a hay wagon ride around the beautiful farm where they will see the bison as they roam, graze and play. Customers will have an opportunity to purchase bison meat to take home or prepare on site in the picnic area. The tour will last about an hour and then people will have time to sit in our creekside observation area and watch the bison, birds, bees and butterflies, take photos, and chat with the owners, Carie and Jarrod Starr, or move on to Primaterra Farm for a 3:00 tour.

Register: here for tickets.
Cost: $10/per person
Info: 740.403.3763, wild-wooly-horny.
Location: 12320 Lonesome Road Thornville, OH 43076

Primaterra Farm Greenhouse

Primaterra Farm (3:00 PM) is a first generation farm in a beautiful setting. It is focused on growing a diverse array of vegetables and herbs, as well as raising pasture-raised, non-GMO poultry and eggs. Join farmer Henry Jochem as he demonstrates how poultry can be raised sustainably, giving deeper meaning to the terms “free range” and “pasture-raised.” Learn how the farm’s produce is grown naturally, and how they grow crops without chemical sprays or fertilizers. Farmer Jochem will share his methods with fellow farmers and homesteaders and anyone interested in these methods. He hopes to inspire others to raise their own food using similar systems and techniques in order to improve local pastures, increase access to high quality local food, and further stimulate the local economy.

Cost: $10/per person
Info: 614.915.4145,
Location: 6475 Township Rd, 154 NE, New Lexington, OH 43764

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