Ohio’s Winding Road: New Branding and Logo Revealed

All Day Today, April 15, 2020!
Join us to see and learn about our new branding, which will take place all day today, April 15th. Check our social media platforms hour by hour as we give you insight on our creative process and our final results! Posting starts at 9am!

Over the past several months, the Media & Marketing group of Ohio’s Winding Road has been meeting to create a special and inclusive new branding and logo. We began by changing from “Winding Road” to “Ohio’s Winding Road,” with the tagline of “Sharing Our Appalachia.” Tune in to social media all day today to learn more about this process and its results. And finally, be sure to note that our website and social media and even our email have all changed to reflect this.

Come visit us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, like our pages, and tell your friends!

You can now email us at: ohioswindingroad@gmail.com

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