Ohio’s Winding Road: Experiences Books


OHIO’S WINDING ROAD EXPERIENCES is an annual publication of selected experiences and stories brought to you by Ohio’s Winding Road, a collaborative network of experience producers, creative persons, organizations, and civic leaders. We are working to create a brand that represents authentic cultural and natural assets in nine Ohio counties in the Muskingum and Hocking River valleys. Ohio’s Winding Road stretches from Athens to Zanesville, and from Lancaster to Pomeroy along the banks of the Ohio River.  

The goal of these books is to connect residents and visitors to many engaging experiences taking place along Ohio’s Winding Road throughout the year while working together to build the “experience economy” in Southeast Ohio. For more detailed information and even more experiences, we encourage you to contact individual vendors and local Convention and Visitors Bureaus.

The books are organized into four sections. In EXPERIENCES, we highlight guided tours that represent the creativity of local residents and honor the region’s land and people. In STORIES, we focus on successful businesses that represent the spirit of Ohio’s Winding Road. Our FIELD GUIDE provides a deep dive into a seasonal theme: this time it is “Farmers and Markets.” And finally, in the CALENDAR, we provide a carefully curated overview of exciting experience opportunities taking place here this spring and summer.  

Ohio’s Winding Road is built on a simple premise: we are sharing our Appalachia, where the arts, history, outdoor recreation, local foods, and authentic lodging and shopping create an improved quality of life. At its heart, Ohio’s Winding Road is a way of living in Appalachian Ohio: We are a map, a compass, a pair of binoculars. We connect a network of neighbors with each other, and with visitors.

While many plans for 2020 and beyond have been deeply impacted by the global pandemic, we will still work hard to promote local producers, artisans, and entrepreneurs. We look forward to telling and celebrating their stories, and reminding everyone that Appalachian Ohio is a meaningful and beautiful place to live and visit for those seeking nature, culture, and creativity!


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