Melanie Linscott prepares gluten free apple pies in her commercial kitchen in Athens, Ohio.

Generating Happiness and Community through Local Food 


Eating fresh healthy foods and knowing the people who grow them go hand-in-hand. Communities around the Winding Road region continue to develop around these principles, with the goal of bringing local, delicious food to the people they serve. Husband and wife team Melanie and Cale Linscott, who own and operate Deep Root Farms and Farmgirl Pies, are farmers who are doing just that.

The Linscotts moved to the Athens area in 2007 to property that has been in her Cale’s family since 1902.  “For us, moving back to the farm and generating income off the land has really been like getting back to our roots. Nobody had farmed it for probably 50 years or more. So to come back and revive the land, produce food and raise our family there, just felt very much like bringing things full circle,” Melanie said.

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A finished pie cools in the commercial kitchen.
Melanie Linscott, the owner of Farmgirl Pies, poses for a portrait with one of her recently baked treats.

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