LOCALLY MADE FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Fine Art and Crafts from the Region


This year, treat your friends and family to locally made fine art and crafts, now available at our Holiday Marketplace Pop Up!

Ohio’s Winding Road is proud to support local artists and craftspeople. Our hill country boasts a variety of talented individuals whose wares make perfect gifts for the holidays (or for yourself, we’re not judging!)

We’re excited to share our locally sourced gifts for 2021 and profile new additions to our list of Makers in Southeast Ohio! We are showcasing our talented locals in three categories:

All Marketplace orders must be placed by December 13th to make it by Christmas!

Woodworking & Home

Jeff Shaner’s woodshop

Jeff Shaner’s interest in woodworking began very early in his life. Upon retirement, he began a small woodworking business that mostly includes cutting/serving boards and furniture. Lumber has been secured from local auctions, milled some the home farm and small woodlots. Jeff’s selection of cutting boards are beautiful and practical gifts or additions to any holiday table.

Peregrin Ridge

The Benches made by Don Turner at Peregrin Ridge Wood Shop are as sturdy as they are beautiful. Charming, authentic, and rustic, they make a wonderful addition to any room! His cutting boards are beautiful addition to any home chef’s kitchen.

Joe Faulkner

Joe Faulkner was inspired when the wind brought down a Cherry tree on his 60-acre property in Perry County. Rather than chop it up for firewood, Joe used a borrowed lathe to craft his first work. In the decade since, Joe has continued to create bowls, vases and other items from trees Mother Nature herself brings down. Not only does his own property supply Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Hickory, Elm, Oak and Ash trees so that Joe can turn pieces from other rare wood that grows throughout the region.

Bellavenue manor

Shortly after returning to McConnelsville in 2016, Mark Ponchak started to experiment with growing lavender on the family farm. That little experiment has blossomed into a bit of an obsession, not to mention 350 more lavender plants dotted around town.

OWR Holiday Market Selections
  • Benches by Peregrin Ridge
  • Bottles by Joe Faulkner
  • Square Cutting Board by Peregrin Ridge

Large Serving Board by Jeff Shaner

Small Charcuterie Board by Jeff Shaner

Lavender Bundles and Sachets from Bellavenue Manor

*Benches only available for pickup

Ceramics and Jewelry

rock riffle run pottery

Susan Abramovitz taught ceramics at Case Western Reserve University before founding her own pottery studio along a stream known as “Rock Riffle Run.” The unique stoneware she creates is made from the land itself—from 350-million-year-old clay mined in the hills of Southeast Ohio. Each item is hand-thrown and distinctively crafted, a process that shows the artist’s own care and imagination. Susan created our OWR logo mugs and we just love them!

dale hague

Dale became seriously interested in pottery when he was in elementary school in Zanesville, living just one block from the LaPere Pottery and Owens Pottery. In 2000 he moved back to the Zanesville area in East Fultonham and has enjoyed his relationship as a volunteer and in-house potter at the Ceramic Center.

Cricket jones JEWELRY

Artist Cricket Jones makes jewelry from silverware, and antique and recycled materials. “I love turning family flatware etc. into jewelry for them. Those pieces usually end up meaning the most of any jewelry they will own.”

whitney goller

Whitney Goller received her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from East Tennessee State University in 2016. Goller is inspired by movies, cultural symbolism, and Romantic Period monsters.She throws her ceramics in her garden after she gets home from teaching.

jim hart studio

The Jim Hart Studio is located on Hart’s 160 acre tree farm in southern Perry County, nudged up against Wayne National Forest. Self-taught, he came to ceramic work accidentally through recycling. Much of his equipment, clay, sawdust, and many of the items that make unique markings in the clay is all recycled from various sources. Most of Hart’s ceramic pieces are either smoke-fired, raku-fired and horse-hair fired. All of these techniques result in one-of-a-kind markings.and the somewhat ancient appearance it lends to his ever-broadening line of ceramic pendants.

  • Bowls and Birdfeeders by Whitney Goller

Mugs by Dale Hague

OWR Logo Mugs by Rock Riffle Run Pottery

Rings by Cricket Jones

Pendants by Jim Hart Studio

Fine Art, Prints, & Community Studio

delia palmisano

Delia Palmisano is a multimedia artist who believes in the infinite power of storytelling. Originally from Cincinnati, she worked and lived in Denver, Colorado for 12 years before settling in Athens in 2017. She feels a strong connection to the natural world and enjoys exploring the hills of Appalachia in her spare time. Prints of Delia’s Photograph “Doors of Shawnee” are available as greeting cards and as a poster. You can also find her work in the 2022 OWR Calendar!

david callahan

David Callahan transferred to Ohio University from Vermont in ’66. He received his architectural degree, then moved to NYC, England, NYC, back and forth, finally practicing in Athens (RVC Architects). David began painting in ’80. When asked about his oil painting of Main Street, Shawnee: “Not sure what drew me to Shawnee… the small old towns, enchanting streetscapes, romantic hills, diverting histories. Sometimes the best adventure and the most engaging subjects are right next door.” Callahan’s painting prints are available as greeting cards and as a poster.

nora daniel

Nora Daniel has traveled the world, painting the myriad of people, places and animals she encounters. A classically trained realist, she finds inspiration in what she observes, but also infuses each work with a unique point of view. Even her pastoral scenes are marked by vibrant colors and unusual, sometimes playful, compositions. These choices imbue each image with striking depth, mystery and optimism. Prints of Nora’s paintings are available as greeting cards.

just a jar design press

Before moving to their studio on Marietta’s Front Street, Bobby and Sara Rosenstock assembled a vintage Vandercook proof press in their garage. Bobby, a classically trained artist, uses centuries-old processes to sketch designs by hand, carve them into wooden blocks, and print them with cast-iron presses from the 1950s and 1880s. Sara translates the designs into digital formats for t-shirts and other merchandise. Prints are available as posters.

Moonville print shop

Savannah Freeman taught herself to make original block prints after being enchanted by linocuts at a New Orleans street fair. She now hand-carves her own printing blocks from wood and linoleum to create stunning original prints and merchandise. Her shop in Moonville is filled with unique items that often reflect the rustic beauty of her southeast Ohio surroundings. Block prints are available as totes and clutches.

passion works studio

Passion Works Studio is a collaborative community arts center located in Athens, Ohio at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. At the heart and soul of Passion Works is a core group of working artists with developmental differences. This collective creates aesthetically and conceptually powerful works of art. More important than what is produced is how the collaborative practice encourages connection, purpose and belonging for the individual artists and the community at large. Passion works pieces vary.

owr marketplace selections
  • Nora Daniel Fine Art Print Greeting Card

Delia Palmisano “Doors of Shawnee” Greeting Card

“It May Twang But It Don’t Hurt” Print from Just a Jar

Passion Works Flowers and Greeting Cards

Woodblock Print Clutches and Tote bags from the Moonville Print Shop

“Main Street Shawnee” Poster Print by David Callahan

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