Second Saturday Photo Exhibit

Ohio’s Winding Road proudly presents artwork created by local photographers in the nine county region we represent. This includes Morgan, Athens, Perry, Hocking, Fairfield, Vinton, Meigs, Washington, and Muskingum counties.

The images selected are a small window into our vibrant region and culture and we appreciate seeing the artists’ visions of Appalachia and hope to have more community events like this in the future.

Ohio’s Winding Road is a locally-driven economic development initiative in Appalachian Ohio, specifically in the Hocking and Muskingum River Valleys. With an emphasis on local guiding and “small scale,” the cultural story is accented by emerging arts, local foods, and outdoor recreation.

Through our regional brand and network, we provide unifying stories about the vibrant future of the region, where pride of place and stewardship are strong values.

Sheryl Davis
Mark Fohl
Mara Giglio
Freddie Greenfield
Anna Hess
Erin Higgins
Christi Hysell

Brian Koscho
Randall Lewis
Sarah Liese
Julie Moskal
Liz Pahl
Tanner Pearson
Eric Reidinger
Terrance Reimer

Dennis Savage
Marcia Shubert
Lindsey Siegrist
Kate Summers
Paul D. Wilbur
Richard Wood