2016 Fall Event – Wildcat Hollow Eco Tour


Date to be selected based on group interest – contact Matt Castells for more information,513-728-0444, castellsm123@gmail.com.

Wildcat Hollow’s trail head (See http://www.fs.usda.gov/wayne/ for directions)

The flora and fauna of Wildcat Hollow has returned from ruin.

This overnight hiking tour will traverse through roughly 7 miles of Wayne National Forest’s beautiful Wildcat Hollow Trail. During the tour the group will investigate forest succession, the history of Wayne National Forest, and the local flora and fauna of southeastern Ohio. We will spend time identifying wild flowers, viewing a remarkable beaver dam, visiting sites that are rich in history, along with many other interesting stops along the trail. We will set camp on top of a ridge covered in amazing white pines, and have a rustic dinner and breakfast cooked over our campfire. Everyone will get to reconnect with Mother Nature, and spend the evening out in the forest.

• Wayne National Forest is rich in history.

• Forest succession is a natural and incredible process.

• The flora and fauna of Wildcat Hollow has returned.

Tour Specifics: Individuals must bring their own camping gear including tents, rain fly, sleeping bags, pillows, flashlights, sleeping mat (if needed). Rental gear is available at http://www.ohio.edu/recreation/outdoorpursuits/ . It is necessary for each group have at minimum of one flash light and sleeping bag per person, and a rain proof tent(s) to accommodate their group size. This tour consists of hiking 7 miles of rough terrain which may be muddy and slippery at some points. There will be no restrooms after we leave the trailhead. There are no age restrictions, but preferably no one younger than 6 years of age will attend, keep in mind this is a 7 mile hike when considering children/elderly for the tour. Family friendly environment.

Cost: Introductory cost $15.00 per person ($35.00 for future tours)

Tour Guide(s)/Program Leader: Matt Castells, AmeriCorps, Ohio Stream Restore Corps, Wayne National Forest Environmental Tourism Specialist, Certified Interpretive Guide, Homer Elliot, Rural Action, Sunday Creek Watershed Group

Additional tour details and registration/Contact: Matt Castells, 513-728-0444, castellsm123@gmail.com


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