2016 Fall Event – Reversing the Scars of Coal Tour


2016 Date To Be Announced

Monday Creek Restoration Project Office, 115 W. Main Street, New Straitsville, Ohio 43766

Restoring Aquatic Stream Life

The resurrection of aquatic life in Ohio streams rejuvenates the scars of past coal mining practices.

South Eastern Ohio is rich in natural resources and minerals including clay, coal, oil, and natural gas. However the legacy of pre-regulation coal mining has riddled the natural landscape and polluted several streams in the region with acid mine drainage (AMD). AMD from historic deep mines and surface mines creates an acidic stream environment which is void of all aquatic life. Several watershed groups in the area have partnered with state and federal agencies to combat these environmental issues.

Rural Actions Monday Creek Restoration Project (MCRP) has been implementing and monitoring AMD treatment projects in the Monday Creek Watershed since 1994. Before the first project was completed in 1994 only 4 species of fish were found during monitoring in the mainstem of Monday Creek. When fish monitoring was completed in 2014 we could proudly say that Monday Creek is now home to 32 species of fish. Come join us to see treatment systems and reclamation sites that have directly contributed to improvements in water quality and aquatic life within the stream.

• Take an indepth look at pre-regulation coal mining practices from the past

• The unexpected legacy of coal mining in South Eastern Ohio left the hills bare and several strams void of life due to acid mine drainage

• Investigate some of the innovative techniques implemented in treating acid mine drainage

• The return of aquatic life in streams is the true indicator showing the effectivenenss of treatment systems

Acid Mine Drainage

Tour Specifics: This tour will include a locally sourced lunch and transportation. There will be moderate terrain to traverse and some steps to climb. Individuals will be responsible for appropriate clothing, raingear, and bug spray. This is a 4 hour tour.

Cost: $35.00

Tour Guide(s)/Program Leader: Nathan Schlater / MCRP Watershed Coordinator, Tim Ferrell / MCRP Water Quality Specialist, National Association of Interpretation Certified Interpretive Guide

Contact: Rural Action/Monday Creek Restoration Project, 740-394-2047, 115 West Main St. New Straitsville, Ohio 43766

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