Knowing Rendville!


Knowing Rendville! is on tap for Thursday evening, February 23rd (7-9pm) at the Southeast Ohio History Center, 24 West State Street, Athens.  The 2-hour program will feature a 30-minute documentary on Rendville produced by the late Mark Leff of WOUB, a panel of current and former Rendville residents including All-American Ohio University Bobcat Jerry Jackson, a book signing by Dr. Frans Doppen, author of Richard L. Davis and the Color Line in Ohio Coal.  Frans is an Ohio University professor who has devoted himself to understanding the history of Rendville and is active in the Rendville Historic Preservation Society.  Rendville was a racially integrated Hocking Valley coal mining community formed in the late 1800’s that is home to significant African American, state and national history.  Today it is Ohio’s smallest incorporated village that is working to save this vital piece of Ohio history for future generations through maintaining a town hall, reviving Emancipation Day celebrations and converting a company style mining house into a visitor’s center.

The program organized by the Rendville Historic Preservation Society and hosted by the Southeast Ohio History Center!  Suggested donation is $5.  Credit goes to RHPS, the Southeast Ohio History Center, Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council, Ohio University Patton College and Department of African American Studies, and Center for Campus & Community Engagement, Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area and The Winding Road for contributions that make this program possible.


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