What is Upcycling?


Everyone has heard of recycling, but many people may not know that recycling has two sides: downcycling, which most of us know about and try to do, and upcycling. We know storing and disposing of waste is a major issue, but some people are pushing a slightly different solution to the problem.

In a nut shell, upcycling means giving old things more value instead of deciding they have less value and throwing them away. By keeping items out of our garbage cans to begin with, we can keep out environment cleaner. Some experts are considering the massive effect of upcycling plastics that cannot be recycled.

Upcycling has increased in recent years as both a hobby and a thrifty skill. It has been a common activity in many areas for years, however. Quilting, a popular pastime in this region, for example, began in part as a way to use extra scraps of fabric. Modern day examples can be found scattered around Pinterest and Facebook.

One could also see a selection of upcycled products at the Winding Road Marketplace (117 W. Main St, Shawnee, Ohio) including driftwood laps, re-purposed wood clocks and thermometers, upcycled jewelry, and other useful objects like these scrap wood 6-pack holders. F963C3A4-170F-4CB8-8221-434C4C54D535

Where can you learn this?

Saturday, December 2, from 10 am to 4 pm, Upcycling expert, Don Turner, will be at the Winding Road Marketplace providing materials and expertise for anyone who wants to come make an upcycled holiday crate. After making a crate, visitors can customize it with paint and signs and then fill it with local goods. All food and ornaments are 20% off for anyone making a holiday crate.

Come any time between 10 am and 3 pm to start your crate and learn an exciting, useful new skill!

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