OWR Snapshot: Lake Alma State Park


In an ongoing series, our own Grant Joy has been traveling throughout the OWR region on short day-trips to find and share its natural beauty:

Lake Alma State Park sits on the county line of Vinton and Jackson. This little gem in Ohio’s hill country offers an amusing history and bountiful recreational opportunity to its visitors. The park was built in 1903 by coal operator C.K. Davis. Davis built Lake Alma as an amusement park. During its peak around 1905, Lake Alma had a large dance pavilion, outdoor theater, and a merry-go-round carousel in addition to other amusement rides. Lake Alma Amusement park was short-lived, entertaining locals and visitors alike until 1910. Soon after, the city of Wellston purchased the lake for its water supply.

Lake Alma is a quaint state park. Hiking trails allow visitors to explore the rugged hillsides of Vinton and Jackson counties, while also providing hikers pleasant views of Lake Alma. Trails also follow along the lake and a bike way is featured in conjunction with the lakeside loop. You can also access the island, centered in the lake, through a footbridge which doubles as a popular fishing spot. Lake Alma provides ample opportunity for family fun and is a hidden gem in Ohio’s hill country.

You can learn more about Lake Alma State Park by visiting ODNR’s website here.

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