OWR SNAPSHOT: Tecumseh Lake


In an ongoing series, our own Grant Joy has been traveling throughout the OWR region on short day-trips to find and share its natural beauty:

Tecumseh Lake, located just outside of historic Shawnee, in the Wayne National Forest has a fascinating history. The lake was built with the idea of becoming a state park, but more importantly it was built to bring community residents together while providing the village another source of drinking water. Spearheaded by Methodist leader, William Schuster and Catholic religious leader, Michael Wellnitz, Tecumseh Lake was built using all volunteer labor form both religious backgrounds as community residents banded together to build a recreational hub and reservoir for the town. The lake was dedicated in 1952. It sits on the site of the old Double X Mine, as the railroad bed is where the dam is now.

Today Tecumseh Lake till serves as a recreational hub for Shawnee and offers access to the Buckeye Trail and North Country Scenic Trail.

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