OWR SNAPSHOT: Desonier State Nature Preserve


In an ongoing series, we are traveling throughout the OWR region on short day-trips to find and share its natural beauty. Today’s post comes from Audrey Tompkins:

Desonier State Nature Preserve is just off US 50 East and about a mile away from any man-made structure. The secluded preserve features Oak Ridge Trail tucked away in a heavily wooded area. The trail can be taken as a 2-mile loop or a 2.5-mile loop. A creek runs through the forest and there are several small footbridges throughout the hike. Oak Ridge Trail is a great hiking location for kids because it is primarily flat with very few gradual inclines and offers lots of shade from the thick canopy of trees.

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  1. Carol Kuhre says:

    Thank you for sharing these natural gems with us.

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