Shawnee Walking Tour

In an ongoing series, we will be taking walking tours throughout Ohio’s Winding Road. Focusing on COVID-safe activities, we aim to share the natural beauty of the region and highlight its unique history and vibrant culture.


The historic town of Shawnee is named after the North American Indian tribe who lived in the central Ohio River valley. Surrounded by the Wayne National Forest, it is home to the Buckeye Trail Association (BTA), The Little Cities of Black Diamonds (LCBD), and Ohio’s Winding Road (OWR) Marketplace.  

With all these unique convergences happening just 40 minutes north of my home in Athens, I decided it should be the next stop on my Ohio’s Winding Road Walking Tour. 

When I arrive in downtown Shawnee, I am struck by the bright colors of the historic storefronts– reds, blues, greens, oranges and yellows– that shine cheerfully out onto the sidewalk. Though many of the businesses are currently closed due to the pandemic, there are growing signs of revitalization and development in Shawnee.


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