In an ongoing series, we will be taking walking tours throughout the Ohio’s Winding Road. Focusing on COVID-safe activities, we aim to share the natural beauty of the region and highlight its unique history and vibrant culture.

Zaleski, Moonville Rail Trail

On the weekends my family and I can often be found exploring the outdoors– hiking through the woods, kayaking on the nearby lakes or biking on the bike path. I’ve spent the greater part of the last four years researching and documenting the mental and physical health benefits of time spent in nature, particularly for small children, so we try to spend as much time outside as possible.

The day we visit the Moonville Rail Trail, though, I’m not thinking about all that research. I just know it feels nice to get out in the fresh air, unplug for a bit, and move our bodies. We always have fun. (Well, okay, if I’m completely honest, sometimes our 6-year-old needs a little prodding, but she usually comes around.)


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