2016 Upcoming Event – Agents of Change Tour


2016 Date to be Announced

Travel the change-making paths forged in the hills of Ohio from Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh and the pioneers of the Northwest Territory to early labor union organizers, rural African Americans and current day social, environmental and food activists…and more!

Ohio’s Rising Appalachia builds its confidence in the future by looking to a rich history of change agents covering over 200 years of passionate activity. Starting in Ohio’s first permanent settlement at Marietta, this history rich two-day tour passes through Washington, Athens, Perry and Muskingum Counties with an overnight in college-town Athens. Local historians and Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area anchors John Winnenberg, Tom O’Grady and Tim Traxler will engage visitors in what it means to bring history to real life in contemporary life in southeastern Ohio.

Participants will be asked to consider provocative ideas:

• Might Hill Country’s vibrant and unpredictable landscape influenced creative solutions to address opportunities and challenges faced by those living here over the years?

• How have struggles against slavery, poor working conditions, environmental degradation, poverty and other burdensome challenges necessitated creative change agentry among citizens here?

• How have opportunities such as the Northwest Ordinance, the Emancipation Proclamation, the arrival of the railroad, a returning forest and the location of the state’s first university in these hills set the stage for vibrant changes in this area sometimes referred to as “The Other Ohio!”

Tour Specifics: The tour is a transportation-provided event, limited to 30 guests, with lunch and dinner are included on Day One and breakfast and lunch on Day Two. The tour begins and ends in Marietta, Ohio where free, safe parking is provided for your vehicle over the two days.

Cost: Tour cost is $275 for non-Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area members and $250 for members. Lodging costs are separate with rates quoted at time of registration.

Tour Guides/Program Leaders: Tom O’Grady, Athens County Historical Society, John Winnenberg, Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council, Tim Traxler, Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area

Additional tour details and registration: http://www.ohiohillcountry.org

Contact: Michelle Robinson, 614-348-7909, mrobinson@att.net, or ohiohillcountryheritagearea@gmail.com

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