2016 Upcoming Event – Taste of Appalachia Tour


2016 Date to be Announced

Burr Oak Lodge and Conference Center

10660 Burr Oak Lodge Road

Glouster, OH 45732

The way the natural world, economy, and culture have shaped the culinary habits of Southeast Ohioans for hundreds of years.

“We’re cooking up a new multi-sensory experience in the hills of Southeastern Ohio! On this expedition we’ll visit naturalists, moonshiners, and the birthplace of the Coal Miner’s Union to discover the sweet, savory, and sometimes salty history of the communities that surround Burr Oak State Park. If you have a taste for adventure and rich local culture, you may discover some new flavors you can find in your own backyard. Allow us to introduce you to some palatable traditions that have been passed down for generations and join us in sharing them with generations to come.”

• Native edibles and medicinals in southeast Ohio

• Historic coal mining culture in southeast Ohio

• Historic and current Moonshine culture in southeast Ohio

Tour Specifics: Specialty dinner provided at the conclusion of the tour

Travel: Group will be traveling in a mini-bus on very curvy roads. Please alert your guides if at any point you don’t feel well and please accommodate any individual that might be more comfortable sitting in the front of the vehicle if they have a history of motion sickness.

Hiking: The half-mile hike will be completely downhill on a cleared dirt trail for the comfort of our guests. Guests encouraged to wear closed toed shoes for the hike. If any guest should opt out of this experience please notify a tour guide.

Allergies: Guests may have opportunities to taste exciting new things during the tour! If they are knowledgeable of any allergies they might have, request that they might refrain from trying any foods that might be similar to their allergens. Ask that if any guest feels symptoms of an allergic reaction to please alert a guide as soon as possible.

Cost: $65.00

Tour Guide(s)/Program Leader: Hannah O’Malley, AmeriCorps, Ohio Stream Restore Corps, National Association of Interpretation Certified Interpretive Guide

Additional tour details and registration: Burr Oak Lodge and Conference Center

Contact: Burr Lodge and Conference Center, 740-767-2112

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