OWR SNAPSHOT: Moonville Rail Trail


In an ongoing series, our own Grant Joy has been traveling throughout the OWR region on short day-trips to find and share its natural beauty:

The Moonville Rail Trail is another great authentic asset found along Ohio’s Winding Road. The trail is accessible at various points throughout Zaleski State Forest as well as at Hope Schoolhouse located off of Wheelabout Rd, across from Lake Hope Dam. The rail trail now follows the old Cincinnati & Marietta railroad bed. While not yet entirely connected, the trail offers a great way to experience one of Ohio’s most rugged and forested landscapes while also exploring the haunted Moonville tunnel. Take note of the old railroad line poles that line the trail on your way to the tunnel. They represent a tangible connection to Moonville’s historic past.

To learn more about Moonville Rail Trail, check out Vinton County’s CVB page here: https://vintoncountytravel.com/parks-and-recreation/moonville-rail-trail/

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